Positive Dog Training
for Your Best Friend.

S.M.A.R.T. With Dogs: Dog Training and
Behavior Modification for Maryville, TN and surrounding areas

Are You Too Busy or Burnt Out When it Comes to Training Your Dog?

Are you a career-driven pet parent with long days at the office? Perhaps you’re a retiree spending the day on the green or learning a new hobby at the local senior center.  We understand the stress you feel when all you want is to come home and cuddle on the couch with your fur baby, but they’re bouncing off the walls and you can’t figure out what they need.

We’re here to help! Our in-home reward based training can help you understand your dog’s needs. Together we can establish a more enjoyable relationship between you and your furry kid, which can lead to a more peaceful household for years to come.

How We Can Help!

Basic Manners Training

Do you need a hand getting your dog started off on the right paw? We can teach you how to instill basic good manners through fun, rewarding training with our certified dog trainer!

Behavior Training

Are you struggling with a dog who is a champion counter surfer or one who is an expert door dasher? We can help you and your pup overcome your more complex behavior issues!

Our Training Philosophy

At the core of our training philosophy lies a deep belief in the power of positive reinforcement and enrichment. We understand that building a strong and trusting bond with our canine companions is not just about teaching them cues or changing their behavior, but also about providing them with a fulfilling and enriching environment.

By incorporating enrichment as a focal point of our training approach, we go beyond simply teaching cues and behavioral change. We strive to create an environment where dogs can thrive, learn, and enjoy the training process, fostering a relationship built on love and understanding while encouraging effective communication between you and your dog.

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